Our Services
Just like a mountain guide, at BlackTORO, we have the responsibility to lead our clients through the complexities of the financial market and help them achieve their financial goals.

Families & Individuals

Our service as an RIA is designed to provide high-quality and strategic financial advice to Latin American families and individuals.

We understand that each client has unique circumstances and financial aspirations, so we offer a personalized approach to meet those needs.

Customized Investment Management
Our investment team takes care of actively and strategically managing investment portfolios. Using a diversified and risk-profile-based approach, we seek investment opportunities in Latin American and global markets, with the aim of maximizing long-term returns.
Financial Education and Advice
We recognize the importance of financial education for our clients. In addition to offering investment advice, we are committed to providing you with information and resources to enhance your financial knowledge. We organize exclusive workshops and seminars to help you understand key investment concepts and make informed decisions about your assets.
Cultural Approach
We understand the particularities and challenges that Latin American families and individuals face in the financial realm. Our multicultural team will ensure that you feel comfortable and supported at all times. We take into account socioeconomic factors and the unique circumstances of the Latin American community when providing our services.