Ramiro Sciandro

Sr. Economist

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Ramiro obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2020 from Torcuato di Tella University. After finishing his undergraduate studies, he continued working at the university, where he worked as an assistant in Macroeconomics and Applied Microeconometrics courses for the next two years, eventually becoming adjunct professor for Basic Microeconomics courses in 2021. On the other hand, Ramiro also completed a master’s degree in Economics in the same institution, and under a research scholarship program he worked as research assistant for different professors in the Economics department, primarily assisting in the impact evaluation of policies related to the labor market in Latin American countries.

Ramiro joined Arriazu Macroanalistas group in June 2021, thus beginning his career in macroeconomic consulting. During his time there, he devoted himself mainly to the analysis of macroeconomic variables in the United States, and of the real and fiscal sectors in Argentina, for the later preparation of weekly reports on both national and international economic outlooks. Ramiro has been part of the Black Toro team since December 2022.